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Ten Steps to Awesome Skin

Dull, lifeless skin on the outside is often a reflection of your body’s overall health, with stress, poor diet, and lifestyle all having a huge impact on your skin and ultimately demonstrating your body isn’t working as it should be.


Our lifestyles are more hectic than ever before, and as a result many routines can fall to the wayside, particularly a good skincare regime. But there are a number of techniques you can follow to ensure a clear complexion, that are neither time-consuming or expensive. We’ve shared our top tips which you can introduce in your daily routine right away, which will not only help achieve smooth and clear skin, but ensure it’s positively glowing.


1. Don’t smoke

There are a whole host of health reasons not to smoke, but it can also severely damage your skin not only creating bags under the eyes and premature aging, but causing a dull/grey complexion and wrinkles – making you look older than your years


2. Balanced Diet

You are what you eat’ cannot be truer when it comes to having radiant skin. A glowing complexion starts with nourishment from within and ensuring your diet consist of healthy foods such fruit and vegetables will feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs to become smooth, supple and blemish-free


3. Drink Water

Drinking between six and eight glasses a-day is a must for clear skin. Dehydration can cause breakouts, and make skin look dry and wrinkled something that can be vastly improved by simply ensuring proper hydration. Herbal and caffeine-free teas are also a good alternative if you’re not keen on water

4. Clean Mobile Phone

Everyday items such as mobile phones are a hot-spot for bacteria and inevitably come into contact with our faces continually during the day. As a result, the accumulation of bacteria is transferred directly to our faces causing breakouts. The best way to keep your mobile clean is to wipe them down daily with an antibacterial wipe or cotton wool pad

5. Always Use SPF

It’s important to wear SPF each day, as it will not only prevent premature aging (facial brown spots, discolouration, and wrinkles) but it will protect against skin cancer. Apply SPF 30 every morning to the areas that are exposed to the sun such as the face, neck and hands

6. Don’t wear make-up to bed

Everyone knows not to fall asleep with their makeup on but are often not aware of how much damage it’s actually doing. Studies actually show there’s a direct link between sleeping in makeup and faster aging skin. Leaving makeup on overnight will not only block your pores with dirt and oil, but cause spot-causing bacteria to fester on the skin all night

7. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is one of nature’s most powerful beauty treatments, and whilst many people assume that they can get by on six hours sleep or less, they often don’t realise the damage it’s doing to their body, particularly their skin. Poor sleep can not only prevent the body repairing itself overnight, but also increase stress hormones in the body which cause inflammatory skins conditions such as acne or psoriasis. A minimum of between seven and eight hours a night is recommended. 

8. Don’t Squeeze Spots

Spots are the result of when the skin’s sebaceous oil-producing glands become blocked or inflamed. It may seem tempting to pop a spot, but the dirt and oil on your fingers can make it worse increasing bacteria and the risk of infection. In addition, squeezing spots will make them last longer and you could even risk scarring

9. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

Establishing a good skincare routine will help protect your skin from the elements, create the perfect base for your makeup and ensure your skin is clear from old makeup which can clog the pores and lead to spots. Your evening routine is just as important – and ensuring you cleanse, tone and moisturise will make sure your skin looks its absolute best


10. Monthly Facial

There’s a wealth of information and products on the market, but this doesn’t mean you should skip professional help. You’d go to a personal trainer to get your body in shape or see a hairdresser to get the best haircut for you, so why not see someone who is trained in looking after skin. A facial is not only beneficial for people with problem skin but can help you understand your skin better and what elements could be affecting it.


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