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Our IIAA Skin Supplements Work!  see how one gentleman Micheal was helped by viewing the link below.Micheal had sufferred with Rosacea since his early 40's, this had unfortunately turned into Rhinophema which affects the blood vessels on the nose making them look extremely red, enlarged, bulbous with infected breakouts. He went on a course of Skin Accumax, Skin Omegas, Skin Vit C and Skin Vitality and his confidence is now restored. These supplements can be tailored to treat all manner of problems - so please ring us to find your solution.

If You Could Slow The Ageing Process - How Do You Hold Back Time?

The Answer is: VITAMIN A and 95% of us do NOT get enough

Ageing starts from the inside out so feeding your skin from the inside is as crucial as applying the correct skin care products & protection on the outside. Dr Des Fernandes scientist and skin guru says "Vitamin A is the total controller of how skin cells develop, grow and mature."

Vitamin A Supplement comes in packs of 60 capsules which will last 2 months, you take 1 capsule daily with a meal. So it costs only 33p per day.

Benefits of Vit A are ;

builds healthy skin cells

plumps the epidermis to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, crepy skin

balances the sebaceous glands so great for oily, combinationa & dry skin types

stimulates the production of collagen which makes skin look plump (this reduces from the age of 25yrs old by 10% per decade)

Repairs melanin production so helps with age spots & pigmentation

Helps repair skin damage from roseacea, acne,scaring

Also this supplement contains Vitamin D which helps the skin cell growth, repair, protection and rejuvenation.

This can be taken if pregnant 

Contains - No added wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy products, colours or flavourings.

Advanced Nutrition Supplements 

Available From Total Look 

They say "Beauty is only skin deep" but to have beautiful skin it starts from within.  We will all age but we can slow down the appearance of ageing by good topical skin care, healthy nutrition and sun protection. When we apply lotions to the skin it only goes down to the second level - we need to get help feeding the skin from the inside out. Supplements solve this problem because they give the skin the nutrients to maintain skin health and target skin concerns with various specific supplements for different concerns-

i.e. Skin Collagen Support Supplement for ageing skin generally for ladies 40+  we loose 10% of our collagen every 10 years from the age of 25 (this keeps skin plumped up and looking young) this supplement is designed to protect & prevent collagen breakdown and promote collagen production

Skin Omegas Supplement - designed especially for people with dry skin, this supplement repairs skin cells with an 85% success rate in clients with acne and execma 

Skin Accumax Supplement - for problematic skins, such as hormonal breakouts, acne, oily skin.

Nail Science Supplement - for weak, flaking, brittle nails or poor, dull hair growth.

Reasonably priced (most £25 per month approx 70p per day), effective & safe.

Ring us to chat about your concern and we will let you know which product is correct for you