Sun Screen Can Be Confusing

Numbers, star ratings, words like mineral & Zinc Oxide, organic & natural and of course  UVA & UVB. What do they mean ?

I am  hopefully going to answer some questions and straightenout any confusion you may have.

Why use sunscreen at all ?

There is an national increase in Melanoma and certain non melanoma skin cancer can be fatal.  Application of UVA & UVB protection can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

What is the difference between UVA & UVB ?

UVA is 95% radiation that reaches the earth’s surface. This type of radiation will penetrate deeper than UVB  due to its longer wavelength. It can pass through clouds & glass and has skin cancer causing potential, ageing & pigmentation.
UVB These rays are burning & reddening.  They do not penetrate the skin as deep but the majority of skin cancers are  due to UVB.
An easy way of reminding yourself what they are:   UVA – Ageing  UVB- Burning

What does the SPF number mean ?

All sunscreens will display a number that follows the SPF.  The number tells you the time the skin will take to redden with the sunscreen versus the amount of time it will take to redden without the sunscreen.
If you apply factor 15.  It would take 15 times longer to burn compared to no sunscreen.
An SPF 30 allows about 3% of UVB to penetrate the skin.  SPF 50 about 2%. Can make a difference in certain skin types.
The UV rating is not used in all countries instead broadspectrum.

How do I protect against radiation ?

The UVA circle logo indicates the EU recommendations for UVA.  Ideally choose minimum of 4*
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What is the difference between physical, organic & chemical sunscreen ?

Chemical Sunscreen  
They are also known as organic or synthetic sunscreens .
These are the most commonly used sunscreens & work by absorbing the UV light released as heat.
The following chemicals are found
Oxybenzone – Which has been known to contribute to the damage of the coral reef in Australia.
Chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin & sometimes cause irritation. Ideally apply 20 mins before sun.
Mineral sunscreen (Also known as physical sunscreen)
These work by absorbing & then scattering or deflecting the UV Radiation in addition to absorbing the UV light & release as heat.
The two ingredients in mineral sunscreen are:
TItanium Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Mineral sunscreen provides protection from sun immediately after application.  It needs to be reapplied after contact with water or sweat and are less irritant on the skin.

Which sunscreen should I use ?

Water Resistant  These are good for use during water activities you will need to reapply .  No sunscreen is completely waterproof.
Spray sunscreen Sprays are used for convenience
Sensitive skin   A mineral or physical sunblock is less irritant & suitable for acne & sensitive skins.
Natural sunscreens Good for immediate protection
Broad Spectrum  Protection against UVA & UVB
How much sunscreen do I apply?
The advice for all sunscreens to be applied every 2hours. About 67% of British people do not use enough sunscreen.
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What is the correct SPF for me ?

If you spend longer than 15-20 mins in the sun I would recommend minimum Factor 30.
However if you are blonde, fair blue eyes SPF 50.
Babies under age 6 months should not be in direct sunlight older children Factor 50.

Total Look Top Tips For Staying Safe In The Sun 

1) Clothing defence against sun, paying special attention to the areas that burn easily.
2) Consider T-shirts & hats even in the water, especially children.
3) SPF minimum factor 30, apply every 2hours.  Check the expiry date of your sunscreen as it will not be as effective once opened should last year.  Don’t forget SPF on lips & ears.
4) Wear 100% UV sunglasses
4) Avoid being exposed to the sun between 11am – 3pm when the sun is at its strongest .
5) Keep Hydrated
6) Consult your beauty therapist to advise you how your skin regime should be tweaked going into the different seasons.  Please do NOT rely on online shops who on the whole just want to sell you lots of skin care products.  Please support small businesses in these economically challenging times.
7) Finally check your skin for changes .  Changes to look for:
Growing Mole, change of shape developing new colours bleeding, pain, crusting , red around the edges or itching .
Total Look was on the lookout for a natural alternative sunscreen & insect repellent. 
Incognito is award winning .  Patricia & Howard co-founded Incognito with a mission to create a natural repellent that was  effective with the ethos of not harming the wearer or the environment.  The   insect repellent provides protection against bites for 7 hours, 100% effective against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes strongest & purest form of PMD, botanical PMD. Using renewable source sugar cane for our bottles &  tubes.
Incognito Suncream Insect Repellent - SPF30 100ml - 3 in 1 Sunscreen, Insect Repellent and Moisturiser For Soft and Protected Skin & Body : Health & Personal Care
“I have been using the Ingognito Sunscreen and Insect Repllent and it has been brilliant. Midgees and Mosquitos love me and since using this cream, I have had no bites. It doesn’t have a traditional sun cream smell but is really easy to apply and works so well. It might be more pricey to what I would usually spend, but it doesn two jobs and goes along way so is actually worth it in the long run.  I also love the sustainability aspects of this brand. Thank you Jo for researching and find it to sell in your shop.” Happy Customer, Total Look Beauty.
New Improved Formulation Incognito Sunscreen & Insect Repellent SPF 30 100ml.
Triple action 3 in one  suncream repellent & moisturiser
Contains plant PMD
Use on all the family 6months +
Moisturising hydrating non greasy
Light citrus fragrance
Registered vegan society
10% of icognito profits go to charity.
In the range Total Look also stocks Insect repellent, afterbite & ambient protection.

TOTAL LOOK Recommends  Treatments For Preparing Your body & face before holidays.

  1. Skinstorm
  2. Lime & ginger salt glow add in relaxation & book wellbeing back massage
  3. Lash tint, brow shape & tint
  4. Footlogix pedicure.
  5. Lipofirm
  6. Arasys
  7. Universal body wrap
To dicuss any treatment options – contact Jo at the Salon
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