Orangery Candle, Elemis


Bring the sweet-floral ambience of the Mediterranean into your home with this invigorating, Neroli-infused candle.

Orangery Candle: Neroli Scent 210g Candle

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The perfect gift to stuff a stocking or tie with a bow, this wanderlust-inspired, hand-poured candle sets the scene with a festive and fruity flicker. Infused with exquisite aromatics of Orange Blossom, Neroli and Petitgrain, this limited edition candle illuminates your home with a cosy, cheerful glow that’s sure to please. Once it’s finished, the gorgeous jar can be reused as a flower vase, pencil holder and everything in between.

Love It. Reuse It. Recycle It.

Once you’ve enjoyed your gift, please reuse and/or recycle responsibly. The card used on the outside of the box is sustainably sourced and is fully recyclable

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