Waxing, Energist & Electrolysis

Hair Removal


Achieves superior hair removal using short pulses of light energy. Medically tested and approved.

Solutions for the following…

  • Ingrowing hairs, shaving rashes, permanent hair reduction on all body areas

A full consultation is given and a patch test made before treatment is carried out.

APILUS Platinum Medical Grade advanced electrolysis

This treatment can treat any hair colour or skin colour. It’s twice as fast as any other epilator by optimising energy concentration in the hair follicle. Free Consultation

10 mins            £16

15 mins            £21

20 mins            £26

25 mins            £31

30 mins            £36



Using the highest quality of natural hot and warm waxes which provide excellent results.

Full Leg, 50 mins                                                                      £30

3/4 Leg, 35 mins                                                                       £21

Half Lower Leg, 25 mins                                                         £18

Half Upper Leg, 25 mins                                                         £22

Arm, 10 mins                                                                              £11

Underarm, 10 mins                                                                   £12

Bikini, 10 mins                                                                           £13

High Line Bikini, 15 mins                                                         £15

Brazillian  Bikini (Landing strip on pubic mound)             £30

The Ibizia – Butt Crack Only                                                  £19

Lip or chin, 10 mins                                                                  £12

Eye brow shape, 15 mins                                                          £12

Facial wax, 20 min (Inc: Top Lip,Chin, Sides of Face)      £29

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