The Joy of Menopause

The term menopause is often associated with hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, joint aches & palpatations to just name a few.  As the collagen production is reduced due to the oestrogen falling levels the skin can become drier, skin itching , thinner & less elasticity.

Alternative therapies can help reduce symptoms .


Essential oils are produced from different parts of the aromatic plants.  They are concentrated & the properties become more potent, oils can be used in a vaporiser, bath & in massage.

Here are a few oils that can help .

Bergamot – Depression

Fennel – To help reduce fluid retention

Geranium – Reduce anxiety & restlessness

Rosemary –Prevent fluid retention

Lavender – Aid in sleep & calm.


A trained Reflexologist uses there skill to pinpoint reflex points which correspond to different parts of the body or function.


Reduce bloating water retention hot flushes & many more symptoms.  They work by balancing the activity of the two branches of the autonomic nervous system.  However there is no scientific results to say they could work.


The menopause can play havoc with your skin causing sensitivity dryness & Acne.  The Oestrogen declines between 45-55 years of age & Progesterone & testosterone can fluctuate.

Professional Salon treatments can help .  I personally like Caci Synergy & Radio Frequency treatment  ( If you are getting hot flushes & sensitivity avoid radio frequency ) as the results are phenomenal.

Reflexology is “fab” for balancing the whole body.

For Rosacea avoid microdermabrasion & products that contain sulphates & parabens.

To think you have gone through puberty with spots & guess what they can come back again when you approach the perimenopause.

Excess stress leads to production of androgen hormones & cortisol both activate the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum which turn into flare ups.

I would recommend  the following vitamins.

Vitamin A – Boosts your immune system & prevents inflammation.  Eat spinach Kale & Mango .

Vitamin C – Promotes cell growth & tissue repair – Eat Kiwi avocardo blueberries.

Vitamin E – Keeps your skin young – Eat sunflower seeds& spinach

Selenium – Supports your immune & nervous system – Eat Sardines, eggs & spinach

Calcium – Healthy bones & teeth – Eat yogurt milk & figs.

Check out my blog on Acne & how the supplement Accumax is so successful in helping Acne & Rosacea.