If you think taking care of your skin is just by shaving & then throwing on some aftershave, think again. Men may not spend much time worrying about skin care but maybe you should think about what you are doing to your face. It does not have to be a lot of elaborate skin rituals but there are products that can keep you looking younger for longer.

Great Grooming Products Every Man Needs

FacialCleanser.  You should wash your face twice a day with a good cleanser. Choose a cleanser that contains AHA to help keep pores clean & reveal new skin.

Shaving Cream You will need a product that will properly lubricate the skin so the razor blade will glide over to prevent razor burn. You can choose a gel or cream & also use a brush which some men say it makes shaving easier as it makes the hair stand straight.

Aftershave Lotion Many men use a lotion to soothe the skin after shaving .  Some lotions have alcohol in which I would not recommend as it dries the skin out after shaving which can causing other problems such as sensitivity.

Moisturiser Skin tends to dry out as its essential oils diminish with age, but a good moisturiser can help.  You may want to try one that contains Vitamin A,C, & E which can protect skin cells from ageing.  Steer clear of creams with sodium lauryl sulfate, which tend to remove the natural oils from the skin.

Protecting your Skin It is just as important for Men to protect the skin as it is for women however a lot of manufacturers seem to just produce sunscreen that is greasy that will block your pores & create spots !

Top Tip – Look for sunscreen that says it is non comedogenic, I personally think Eucerin has a lovely texture & is lightweight . Roughly only 14% of men wear a sunscreen regularly.

The reasons for the importance of popping on sunscreen are:

Protect from harmful UV Rays

Prevents age spots & dark spots on your face.

Preventing SKIN CANCERAntioxidants to protect lines & wrinkles

Due to the thinning of our Ozone layer it is just as important to wear spf on cloudy day.

Why not treat yourself to a Facial & learn about your skin. Take a moment to de-stress & relax, spend time for yourself where your qualified therapist can give you advice and guidance to looking after your skin.

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