Stressed Out ? Look Inwards

Jo Suckley of Total Look Beauty touches on some key elements to consider through the less inspiriting months of the year with experienced her top tips.

Our stressed lives make for stressed skin.  In January many of us get the January & February Blues especially with the restrictions of the pandemic. I have seen many clients with skin breakouts, sallow skin & tired flakiness complexions. During times of stress it is important to have a consultation with your trained beauty therapist to make sure your products are right for now.  That does not mean you will need to change your entire range, be very careful on buying your products online as the skin houses may  try & sell you loads of products which could amount to a lot of money ! 

 At Total Look we would rather do a consultation to give you the best advice for you and your skin as well as taking into account your budget. A developing area of skin research suggests that one of the causes of the skin complaints could be linked to the body internal microbiome.  This is amalgamation of bacteria fungi & virus that can live in synergy with the human body.  Alongside a poor diet, stress can disrupt balance of bacteria in the gut, which negatively impacts on the skin.Diet exercise & sleep also play a part of a healthy complexion.  It may seem obvious, drinking water is important, internal hydration is vital.  Eating nutritional food, fruits & vegetables will help reduce inflammation & rejuvenate the skin & body. I am looking forward to trying Skin Clear Biome as 2020 took its toll on my own skin.  The supplement synergises four strains of skin friendly bacteria along with zinc . The strains have shown to decrease sebum production, reduce irritation , assist with healing & maintain immunity.  The Live cultures are encapsulated in vegetable capsules made from a plant fibre.  The strains sit within a protective matrix which provides superior protection, allowing the strains to reach the gut alive. You may ask who would these supplements be for? Those experiencing problem skin Stressed complexions, Aggravated skin Those support a normal gut flora Those suffering blind blemish Skin in need of balance.

 Look for stress relieving  activities, yoga meditation or if you’re like me you prefer to get the heart rate up with maybe a Chloe Ting or Joe Wicks workout, I really find you feel you can take on the world after & it clears the brain ! In the evening when you may need to unwind why dot pop on some Acoustic Chill music if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, followed by popping some of the following oils into your Aroma Stream steamer . 4 drops of Lavender 2 drops of  Sandalwood & 2 drops of Clary Sage .  Make sure you purchase good quality essential oils. I personally use Tisserand in the salon as I find them effective. 

Please email or call to  let me know if you would like some advice on any of the essential oils to use for your home or skin consultation.