Advanced Nutrition Programme

At Total Look we thoroughly recommend this brand. It chimes with the same values we work towards with our clients. 

The well being of yourself  is paramount  during these uncertain times. With increased stress and potentially limited access to nutritious foods,  our diets may be compromised. It’s therefore important to find additional ways to support our immune systems. Advanced Nutrition Programme™  supplements  are  grounded in  evidence-based science to provide potent, pure and professional formulas to support skin and overall well being. The   experts and  scientists   have put together the following  advice  for you,to  help keep you healthy over the coming months.

Our  Immunity  Intelligence Range  

Advanced Nutrition Programme’s  Vitamin C Plus  and  Skin Vit C  are immunity heroes. Both feature a synergistic blend of vitamin C with plant nutrients,  which help  the immune system. Vitamin C  protects cells from oxidative stress and research has shown that it may shorten the duration of illnesses, too. A lack of vitamin C can make us more prone to illness, so it’s essential when our immune systems are challenged.

Colostrum-C  is rich in antibodies known to stimulate the immune system. It contains immunoglobulin (IgG)  which fights infection and is  the most prevalent antibody found in blood.  Formulated with vitamin C, our bovine form of colostrum offers fantastic immunity support.

We also have products that, while formulated for skin health, contain high quality ingredients scientifically proven to  help  when your body is under stress.  Our  Skin Vit A+  supplement is blended with vitamin D, both play a key role in supporting the immune  system  and white blood cells*. The majority of your immune system resides in the gut, taking Skin Youth Biome™ provides a daily dose of high quality beneficial bacteria to keep it healthy plus vitamin C for additional support.

A broad-spectrum multivitamin is essential for supporting immunity and overall wellbeing. Our Pro-Vitality Formula has been expertly developed with 6 supplements including Skin Vitality 1, which houses 26 nutrients including a carefully calibrated fusion of immune-supporting vitamins and minerals. Packaged in convenient daily blister strips, making it easy for your clients to know what to take.