Keeping Your Skin Happy In Winter

Keeping Your Skin Happy In Winter

Keeping your skin happy in the winter.

Goodness me we are  fast approaching November & have been blessed with some gorgeous Autumnal sun.
Whether  you are a lover or a loather of winter one thing for sure , your skin certainly is not a fan.
As the weather conditions get harsher & temperatures drop your usual protective barrier is jeopardized, meaning allergens, pollutants & irritants are let in & moisture is let out.I have put together tips for  keeping the face happy in the cold.
Ditch Dead Skin
Cold weather can cause the skin to itch flake & the skin can become dull. A facial scrub twice a week will get rid of any lingering dead skin cells,, leaving the skin feeling fresh & smooth & also allowing your serums & moisturisers to penetrate further. Your skin is made up of 5 layers in the Epidermis Dermis & Hypodermis if you do not get rid of dead skin it does not matter how much you may use for your moisturiser it will just moisturise the dead skin.  Please do NOT exfoliate if you have rosacea or eczema on the face.
Many of us forget our bodys too & a simple scrub in the shower can really help replenish your skin .  I am a big fan of body brushing daily in the morning  because it helps reduce the appearance of your cellulite.  Eliminate dead skin, enhance blood circulation & cleanse the lymphatic system & finally feels great the improved circulation helps you to be more alert & relaxed at same time.  Can I just stress that body brushing must be done in upward movements towards the heart & spend about 5-10 mins daily.
In winter all the damage to your skin’s protective barrier means the ability to retain moisture in winter can fall up to  25% . Cream alone cannot help with excessive dryness wether it’s caused by cold conditions,  medication for menopause in my humble opinion i would recommend Moisture Lock Plus supplements which locks in your moisture in a multi layered hydration, plumps out the pesky lines, works on the balance of the skin’s natural barrier, address roughness & flakiness working on not just your face but body too.
Add a booster serum now & then into your regime to add a glow or help reduce pores etc.  Make sure you never forget to do your routine before bed as your skin is very responsive when sleeping.
Pucker up
Crispy lips are never a good look, so keep a natural balm handy when out & about especially if you’re going on a hike.  Personally I prefer ingredients  like natural shea butter oils & beeswax
Keeping the healthy inside
Due to the lack of sunshine in the Winter I am a big fan of Vitamin D. There have been studies & also doctors recommend us to take Vitamin D to help boost our immunity.
Nutritionists would recommend 3   servings of oily fish per week are enough to keep your levels in check, but if you’re not a fish lover the Moisture  Lock Plus comes in handy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on how I can improve your skin & what salon treatment I would recommend for particular concerns.

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