Flowers are blooming & we have had some sunny days. I feel it in my bones. May 2024 is going to be warm!

Time to freshen the home & ditch the synthetic products. Do your cleaning the natural way .

Why do we SPRING CLEAN ?

Many people are sluggish during the winter months so let us mark the new season & start a fresh.

Why use natural cleaning products ?

A lot of conventional products are full of caustic chemicals. They get washed down into watering & released into the atmosphere which will have a negative impact on the environment and our health. 

Spring Clean Checklist

  • Clean counter tops with 10 drops  of essential oil  with 250ml of water and 250 mils of white vinegar into a spray bottle.


  • For a shiny surface 10 drops of orange essential oil 100 ml sweet almond oil. Polish with a cloth and wipe furniture with separate clean cloth to buff and shine.


  • Odour Free Bins use Eucalyptus essential oil x2 drops in the bottom of the bin.


  • Fresh Floor use 15 drops of Eucalyptus in hot water and mop floor as usual. 


  • Scent Booster  Keep your space clean & remove unwanted aromas use 20 drops of May Chang essential oil to 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 100 ml water.  Shake well spritz into the air.


My favorite oil for Spring/ Summer if you have been decorating the house or just need to uplift, boost mood & energy is MayChang – ask the salon as we stock many essential oils by renown brand Tisserand


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