Oh no – it’s the study season. Students everywhere are feeling the pressure . Do not worry, take deep abdominal breath by placing your hands on your tummy & as you breathe in, expand your stomach out repeat four times & stay calm.

When stress becomes overwhelming our performance decreases and our mental physical health takes a hit. It’s like a bell shape. The aim is to stay at the highest point. So how do you keep the balance when exams are coming at you left, right & centre?

Exam Stress Tips

Get enough sleep . Lets begin with the one we love to ignore: while it’s tempting to drink energy drinks & then not being able to sleep it can impact your ability to retain information. You could try pillow mist which has Lavender Jasmine & Sandalwood pop on your pillow after a day of studying & your mind will unwind. Young Minds the charity shares lots of nuggets putting the exam season into perspective. Make Sure you look after yourself & you can achieve more.

Break it Down Ever wonder how those super organised folder & notes people do it ? They break the workload down into manageable chunks. Start by working out what exams you have & how much you need to learn for each one & how much you can manage realistically each day. When you have set out the steps for success you will feel more confident that you can achieve it . Psychologists say we can only concentrate for around 40 mins at a time . Pomodoro technique encourages 25 mins of intense focus with a 5 min break. Invigorating blend of Rosemary Grapefruit Orangeleaf will keep your mind sharp.

Cut Out Comparison Knowing how much other people are studying what grades they get & how they treat it like a competition. Remember you just need to do your best. That may look different from others but as long as you finish knowing you did what you could your health & happiness are important.

Exercise can help improve memory – Physical activity uses different parts of the brain & enables release of BDNF chemical & nor epinephrine neurotransmitters which increase alertness, concentration & energy. Lastly exercise releases the endorphins “ happy hormones” which will ease the stress

Mummy Bear Jo Survival Guide To GCSE & A Levels When they arrive home, have a chat with your children sitting their exams and find out what their study plan is ( Hoping School or College have helped with that one ) making sure that they have some time out too. That way helps reduce the confrontation. Plenty of food in the cupboard & fridge, lots of water to keep them hydrated. Protein was key for my son so he would snack on salami, chicken, cheese, hummus, carrots, crisps, almost forgot chocolate! Encourage time away from the books too, maybe golf, swim, biking, walk or a run.

Purchase a diffuser from Total Look, and help is at hand to select the right oils. A diffuser is really useful & calming for the whole family. Finally, book a reflexology treatment that is so good for lots of reasons. Here are just a few areas that Reflexology can help with: relaxing, insomnia, headaches, sinus, de stress, irritable bowel and digestive hormonal irregularities .

Good Luck to you all from Total Look

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