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  • Massage Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
    Marianna has recently done a course in MLD and I cannot wait to book in with her to find out more – just need to find some time!! Here, she explains what it is all about Massage Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) […]
    I have been delighted to meet Dr Anna-Claire Walsh who is a specialist in Hypnotherapy and whilst talking we felt that combining our expertise could offer you an effective slimming plan. At Total Look Beauty we offer The Universal Body […]
  • Keeping Your Skin Happy In Winter
    Keeping your skin happy in the winter.   Goodness me we are  fast approaching November & have been blessed with some gorgeous Autumnal sun. Whether  you are a lover or a loather of winter one thing for sure , your […]
  • Pigmentation, The Sun & Your Skin
    I hope you have all managed to get your fix of Vitamin D from the sun, what a feel good factor the sun gives you.  I have many clients coming in with pigmentation issues & thought I would share with […]
  • Advanced Nutrition Programme
    Advanced Nutrition Programme™  supplements  are  grounded in  evidence-based science to provide potent, pure and professional formulas to support skin and overall wellbeing
  • Stressed Out ? Look Inwards
    Jo Suckley of Total Look Beauty touches on some key elements to consider through the less inspiriting months of the year with experienced her top tips. Our stressed lives make for stressed skin.  In January many of us get the […]
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